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Copyright © 2014-2020 Michelle Holderman

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 P3 Ministries (P3M) is the unique ministry outlet of Michelle Holderman.

The purpose of P3M is to reveal truth, grace, life, faith, hope, love, and encouragement through the functioning of the spiritual and natural gifts, and to glorify The Lord in the process. 

It is to release the prophetic expressions of Jesus on behalf of the Kingdom for ministry and advancement in the earth.


P3M was created to help and bless people from all walks of life.


P3 Ministries uniquely functions to release the prophetic expressions of Christ in a threefold manner: 


Poet - releasing the prophetic through the gift of writing 

Photographer - releasing the prophetic through the gift of photography

Prophetic Voice - releasing the prophetic through the ministry gift of prophet


This ministry was ultimately created, birthed, and launched by God the Father for the sake of revealing Jesus, ministering to people in body, soul, and spirit, helping believers discover their true identity in Christ and equipping them for what they were created to do, and teaching and releasing the prophetic expressions of Christ to the next generation.


Foundational Scriptures for P3M are Proverbs 3, 1 Corinthians 2, and Ephesians 4.


Michelle has graduated from Identity Network International's School of the Prophets (101 and Advanced course) under the administration of Prophet Dr. Jeremy Lopez.